Blue Balloon Friends

Intensive Crew Blue Ballon Friends


Have you wanted to be part of something special? A community of wonderful people with a cause close to their hearts?

That is exactly what you’ll be doing when you become a Blue Balloon Friend (BBF). ‘How do I do that?’ – We hear you ask.

A BBF is someone that hosts an event to raise money for the Intensive Care Foundation. This can be done by: 

  • hosting a dinner party with friends and family
  • a free dress day at your workplace
  • a team building challenge among your colleagues
  • a cocktail evening to bring everyone together socially
  • running a Quiz Night or Gala Dinner.

It’s up to you how you would like to fundraise and Intensive Crew (I.C) can help by providing brochures, balloons and a guest speaker – Sharon  Knapp, founder of I.C


If hosting an event is not for you, there are other ways you can contribute to the amazing men and women in Intensive Care units.

  • Make a donation to Intensive Care Foundation so we can continue to fund cutting-edge critical care research
  • Spread the word about the good work we do so others can be involved too.
    • Remember all donations are tax deductable.
  • Consider donating gifts-in-kind that can raise funds in raffles or auctions
    • Vouchers for products and services
    • Gift Baskets that appeal to families, individuals or workplaces
    • Any items that would be suitable for a raffle or auction item

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